Saturday, March 19, 2016


It's been a long time
Since words found their way
Written out on napkins and
The backs of envelopes

I use to write poems
Every day
I use to write them about
The boy I loved
The one that walked away

But then Poetry died
And there were so many years
Of quiet silence
And an echo stretching forever

I wrote a story for my godson
It's about an armadillo 
I want to publish the book
But all this fear 
Holds me back 

Still somewhere past
Basketball games on TV
And fictional bounty hunters
I hear an old whisper
And feel a tug at the corner
Of my heart

Start again
Live with no regrets
And I smile
Maybe turning 30
Is a starting point 
After all and
Maybe I can live
The life I long for 
After all

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