Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear Stranger

I hate that I don't even know your name. 

Actually, what upsets me is that somehow, in the course of my week, I became attached to you. It was love or fate or whatever, but my feelings got involved. I don't like doing that. I don't like getting emotionally invested in people at the get go because people leave. This makes this feel more ridiculous because it was exactly what happened. 

Here I thought, dear stranger, that we were looking at pieces of something that could've created something beautiful and fun, but instead I'm looking at a whole lot of nothing and the reality that I still can't seem to pick a guy that won't disappear. 

Maybe I scared you away. I know I get excited when I connect to people and I tend to be intense. It's just the way I was made. God gave me oceans and seas with a crazy depth for passion and devotion and curiosity and wonder. I am not great at small talk and preliminaries. If I like you, I'll talk. 

I was talking to you. 

Wherever you are, Stranger, I hope you are having a better night than I am. I think you're incredible. Have an incredible life. 


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