Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Fool Looks for Logic in the Chambers of the Human Heart

I lay beneath the lantern glow
Tired ache creeping through my soul
Knowing I should've been asleep hours ago
But the rush of today
The tangled up thoughts warring keep me here
In the quiet loud space in my mind
How can you logic your way out of this?
I find you in this space
Tattoos, skater hair
It's like I've got my high school 
Skills for picking boys again
You're too young,
I'm too old
This song is on repeat

Once upon a time 
There was a girl who believed her life was planned
I guess I found out too late
That I'm not going to get a fairytale 
And maybe prince charming isn't what I need
I just need a best friend

God only knows what the jumble's for
Time will probably take you away from me,
But for today at least,
I can committ you to memory
Maybe you'll prove to be a better dream

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