Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Come What May

Happy New Year, my friends!

May 2012 bring you joy and good fortune.  
May you find magic and happiness in every day, and may you learn to see the good in every situation.
  May you find peace with God and with your fellows.  
May you learn to forgive where you have been holding back.  
May you live without regrets and say "yes" to new opportunities, challenges, and dreams.  
May you fill every day with laughter and many with happy tears.  
May you find surprises and new life where you thought there was none.  
May find love sparked and alive in your life.  
May you be surrounded by good luck and good people every day.  
May you see truth and beauty in your own life, and help others to find it in theirs. 
May you find the courage to face your fears.
May you see God's strength in your weaknesses, and remember to let Him be in control.
May you remember to take the time to say "Thank you" often and in every situation.
May your troubles be small, and those that aren't be lifted.
May you pursue your passions and see where you are called.
May you be truly happy and truly loved.

And may you never lose sight of hope.

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