Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 To-Do (Again, kudos Amy! You've Got the BEST Ideas)

2012 To-Do:

1.       Trust God.
2.      Love and be loved by a good man.
3.       Finish reading all partially read books.
4.      Read and return all borrowed books.
5.       Finish going through my books and giving away/selling as many as possible.
6.      Send someone a telegram via
7.       Do something nice for someone else every day.
8.      Give more away.
9.      Visit the ocean.
10.   Get a massage.  Or two.  Or three.  Or…you know, several.  J
11.   Less bad words, more positive statements.
12.   Write a letter or note to someone every day.  Be it a thank you or a note of encouragement or a bit of Radical Honesty; it must be something good.
13.   Make Eric Callaway his long ago promised Green blanket.
14.   Try Bailey’s.
15.   Live on just bread and water for 3 days.
16.   Write a long letter to the pope.
17.    Write a letter to a famous person I admire.
18.   Finish Nikky & Yan’s book and give it to them.
19.   Give more toasts.
20.  Buy a sarong.
21.   Figure out what to do with video camera (including getting the actual video from the camera onto my computer…and possibly onto YouTube…ha).
22.  Pay Dad at least half of what I owe.
23.   Write my own obituary.
24.  Wine and dine someone who deserves it.
25.   Take EGWTBTE pictures.
26.  Have a completed emergency fund.
27.   Write and send a letter to Santa Claus.
28.  Lose some weight so that when I’m called upon to do it, I can look good in a bridesmaid’s dress.
29.  Practice radical honesty on a more regular-esque basis
30.   Watch all RiffTrax at least once.
31.   See the new Pirates! movie with Joel.
32.   Learn to do video with my camera.
33.   Take better care of my hands.
34.   Finish organizing quotes.
35.   Try making more new recipes.
36.   Excersize (at minimum) 3 times a week.
37.    Visit Heather in Chicago.
38.   Throw Amber two super sweet bachelorette parties with Miss Emily.
39.   Acquire Munchkin.
40.  Learn to make granny squares.
41.   Argue and deal with confrontation (and confront, if necessary) in a biblical way.
42.  Take pictures.  At least one every single day.
43.   Downsize.
44.  Make Amber & Jake an EPIC wedding box.
45.   Become financially independent.
46.  Buy Cynthia, Nikky, Regina, Amber, Traci, Heather, Jordan, Sam & Kimmieboo copies of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
47.   Make scarves to donate.
48.  Learn to make hats.
49.  Go through movies and see which ones can be given away.
50.   Be me. And love being me.

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