Friday, January 6, 2012


I want to be the priority.  Just once.

Every girl wants to be the exception.


Just once.


becomingamy said...

I feel this way from time to time, too. You have a good 5 or 6 years on me, so, I mean... we're not quite on the same page of life. But I relate on some level.

So even if I have nothing else to offer you, here is my "me too".

And as always, much love. :)

Jaymin said...

Thanks, Amy. Last night just left like the tired end of a long day and I was tired of not just having a proper response from anyone on anything. It was getting old. But the day managed to end on a hysterical Harry Potter on RiffTrax note which straightened everything out for me. There's still some rough spots in my head and heart this morning, but God will take care of it. I just need to remember to let go, and as Shelby reminded me this morning, I am always a priority to Jesus and I am a priority to God. Thank goodness for the beauty and miracle of being loved by the Master of the universe and his son. Sometimes I think I just need a little perspective.

And I adore you. I know you know where I am coming from extra years or not.

Thanks. Love you right back. :)