Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Good to be Here

Favorite Things of This Very Moment (2:26 pm EST):

  • Watching the new downstairs neighbors leave because the guy just opened his wife's car door and got her in the car before walking over to his side to get in. I'm telling you, those little gestures of love and kindness have huge payoffs.

  • (I love so much about this constantly)

  • Learning that the Finnish word for "awesome" is Mahtava

  • Kimmie's prayers and protective stance for me

  • The super cute flowered shirt I'm wearing today. I think the stuff I bought over the weekend was actually worth my time, and I'm wearing color. Hoorah!

Last night I was feeling pretty lousy about life, but then I decided I was going to regroup and then approach life with joy and fervor today. I hate feeling lousy and I hate being such a whiner. I've been both far too often lately. Today I'm still hurting, but I'm not letting that stop me from enjoy today.

Recently I was talking to some friends about how I use to be such a good liar. I could fool anyone that I was doing just fine about anything any time. I definitely can't do that any more. At least not to the extent I use to. As much as I hate letting people see how I truly feel or what I really am at times, I think this is probably really healthy. I need to be honest about who I am and what I feel. You can't grow if you never let yourself stretch and move.

This afternoon I was introduced to the work of Candy Chang (whose beautiful, amazing, inspiring website is listed above). The picture at the top of this was taken today on my balcony. I had been looking at Chang's beautiful work and one project that really caught my attention was the collection of pictures that were taken of places where she had stenciled "It's good to be here." Considering my lame attitude lately, I decided this might just be something to keep me focused on the good. As a result I decided my balcony could use some cheer and did a little scribbling myself. I hope she doesn't mind, I needed something to inspire me, and that will work just fine for me.

I started an album of pictures that starts with that one. It's simply called "It's Good to be Here," and hopefully it will serve as a reminder as I add pictures that it IS good to be here. Wherever here is. Because I'm here and I can be happy with that. Even when life isn't perfect which is good because let's face it, life will NEVER be perfect.

Remember I love you.

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