Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue Skies & Words to Say

("Mutual" from

Favorite Things of This Very Moment (4:01 pm EST):

  • Unsweetened ice tea from Moe's
  • Amber's handy-dandy iPod
  • Knowing someone who cuts hair
  • Having so many excellent weekend plans
  • Being almost completely done with my homework for the week
  • Zicam
  • Sounding like a hysterical Muppet or Disney movie villain when I laugh
  • Head phones

My voice is currently crazy, and Amber just a few minutes ago got to deal with my hysterical giggling for a good 10 straight minutes. I was just trying to comprehend some of the things that my life has recently run into, and it just wasn't working out. This is not a bad thing, not at all.

Life recently took some turns that were totally and undeniably unexpected. Wonderful, but completely unexpected. I'm still trying to reconcile myself to the realization that life can change so dramatically in such a short period of time.

I keep asking if life is really supposed to be like this. Are people supposed to walk into your life and throw you this far off balance? I'm not sure if this is rational or normal, but I guess I'm fairly okay with it all. Sure it makes me nervous because some day soon I will fall off this crazy balance beam I'm walking on, and the real question will be whether or not there's anything there to catch me. I sincerely hope so.

And so I leave you with a mix.

Love, Me

Blue Skies & Words to Say:

  1. For Blue Skies - Strays Don't Sleep
  2. Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.) - Monsters of Folk
  3. Wordless Chorus - My Morning Jacket
  4. Borderline/Open Your Heart - Glee Cast
  5. Going to California - Led Zeppelin
  6. My Winding Wheel - Ryan Adams
  7. Dream On - Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris
  8. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Beck
  9. Don't Move - Butch Walker
  10. Hideaway - Karen O and the Kids
  11. Twenty-Seven Strangers - Villagers
  12. Million Faces - Paolo Nutini
  13. Heavy In Your Arms - Florence & The Machine
  14. I Believe In You [Acoustic Version] - Tyler Hilton
  15. Alone - Heart
  16. Holy Roller Novocaine - My Terrible Friend
  17. Lie In The Sound - Trespassers William
  18. Hard to Love You - The Wreckers

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