Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Favorite things of this very moment (3:26 pm CST):
  • Knowing I've done everything I could to get myself a job
  • Knowing that completely paid off because God gave me a new job! (More on this later)
  • The feeling of accomplishment that comes with actually excersizing every bit of you
  • "You Belong With Me" covered by Butch Walker
  • A free MP3 download from Greg Holden (a live recording of "As Far As I Can")
  • Beautiful, beautiful sunshine
  • That the kitten is currently taking a nap and not biting me or knocking things over

I've realized a couple of things today.

1. I'm going to have to clean and rearrange my whole room. Today Amelia realized she could get to the top of the computer monitor and sit on it. This meant she also realized she could get to the top shelf of our computer desk and try to play with the compressed air until I grabbed her. She also realized she could get onto all the kitchen counters and in the process knocked over the bucket of spatulas and everything that we have on the counter. She also knocked over a dirty cup and all of it has to be washed, and I had to clean part of the kitchen floor as a result as well. This displeases me. Mostly is scares me because this means she's going to realize she can get on top of my dresser which was the only real safe haven I had in my room for anything important. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but by the end of tomorrow I hope to have my dresser cleared of all Amelia-breakable items.

2. That kittens lose there teeth. I knew this happened in theory, but this morning Amelia was trying to chew on my hand, and she lost one of her teeth. I realized this when I realized that she hadn't cut my hand, but I still had blood all over my hand. Mom found the tooth. It was completely bizarre.

3. That I'd forgotten how good you feel when you're done with a really crazy work out. I'd forgotten how everything in you feels like rubber, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that feeling. That feeling was always what let me know I'd really gotten a work out in. Today I did a Tae Bo instructional video which made me realize just how out of shape and practice I am (I couldn't even keep my balance when it was at a slow speed). I want to relearn Tae Bo and Kickboxing. I miss them. I also found a "Dance Your Way to Fitness" video. Which leads me to my next realization:

4. I truly am a TERRIBLE dancer. Ha. Seriously. I couldn't keep up with anything in the "Dance Your Way to Fitness" video. At all. I have no balance, and I just couldn't figure out where on earth they were going next. Plus, I don't feel like there was a lot of instruction on what the heck you were supposed to be doing before you were actually doing it. Mostly though, I'm just not much of a dancer. Although, the ballet wasn't too bad.

5. And most importantly, once again, as always, God is AMAZING. Really amazing. I will start work at Oregon Healthcare Pharmacy Services, Inc. Amazing! I start Monday! I'm incredibly excited. I'll have a regular job, regular hours, and a regular paycheck. I have missed that. A lot.

Basically I remembered life was good. :) And God is good. I am grateful.

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