Thursday, April 22, 2010

Face Punch

We're going to skip the good things list for the moment and just get straight to the point: I am frustrated.

I have decided that if I ever own a business or am in charge of hiring people for a position, I will make sure I keep my promises. If I say I will call someone within the next 2 days, I will do so. If someone turns in an application, I will call them and let them know the position has been filled. I will call people if I've interviewed them to tell them whether or not they got the job. And I will do it as quickly as I can. After going through so many applications and interviews in the past 4 months, I am beginning to be an expert at rejection. There's a great deal of it surrounding me. I've been turned down for several jobs after interviews, and one of them just never called me at all. I guess they assumed the absence of a call was a good enough indication that I wasn't going to receive the job, but it's not really.

Just call and tell us you don't need us. It still feels lousy, but at least then we don't wait by the phone. It's almost as bad as being rejected by someone you have a crush on, and I have lots of experience in that area too.

Can I say it again? I am frustrated.

To all of you who are looking for jobs, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you find something you enjoy doing and are spared this kind of frustration.

There has to be a better way.

Let's close on a good note, my favorite's list.
Favorite things of this very moment (7:05 pm CST):
  • A best friend who cares about what is going on in my life, even when I'm being a frustrated whiner
  • The wonderful little blue iPod Carson gave me awhile back with the lovely matching headphones I found (surprisingly comfortable)
  • Good music
  • Wireless at the library
  • Knowing I've already started 2 more applications (back up plans aren't such a bad thing)
  • Sunsets melting into clouds
  • The big fake ring that was part of the loot I got at Kayla's bachelorette party (the memories of that will give me a smile forever)

Good night.

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