Sunday, July 13, 2008


Favorite things of this very moment (4:32 pm CST):
  • The above and terribly beautiful picture of John Mayer. The man is just insanely good looking, and that picture is...lovely.
  • A big glass of sun tea with 5 ice cubes in it (now, if only they were heart-shaped)
  • Convincing Jay to wear a snowman print tie at church today with his green long-sleeved shirt (lots of people wore odd-print ties today for Bob was a going away thing)
  • Lei's, preferably beautiful blue & white flowered ones
  • Perfecting a new mix for your best friend
  • The look on Jay's face when I handed him New Moon this morning. Priceless.
  • Getting the details worked out for the trip to FUEL
  • Knowing there will be a check for money towards my FUEL tuition at the church the next time I stop in while running errands
  • Seeing Alicia & Brit yesterday
  • Sleeping right through the night because I was so tired after being up till almost 2am this morning on the porch talking to Ben
  • Mascara & eyeliner (a life-saver, and they actually prove that I have eyes...weird)
  • Knowing there's exactly one week till I'll see Nikky, Jenny, Josh, Kyle, Graysen, Hope, JJ, Kimmieboo, and so many other people that I love and miss terribly, and that I'll get to be with them for a whole week
  • My Mom's delicious desserts
  • Having Jay come and sit with Dan, Rachel and I today for the sermon...finally...sheesh
  • The completely lack of humidity today
  • A perfect summer breeze
  • That I am wearing two layers today and completely comfortable (could it be this temperature all summer long?)

Life is a beautiful thing.

This morning when I got to church, I was informed that Jay and I were singing a duet on the verse of "Our God is an Awesome God." I've been singing that song for years with the verse, but we've never sung it with the congregation. On top of which, I've never sung a duet with Jay in all the years I've known him, and it meant I had to actually sing fairly high. Scared the bejeebers out of me, but I can honestly say, I enjoyed it. We sounded good, and I was told that Jay and I should be singing together more often. Bonus. :)

What I really loved was that I stepped up to the challenge and nailed it. Excellent.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just kind of passing through life, but mornings, well days actually, like this one prove to me that I am alive. I stepped up and faced a fear (silly, I know, but still, there was more adrenaline flowing in my veins today than you can understand, especially when it wasn't something bad or really scary), I actually held a successful and short meeting, talked to Gail about my tuition money for FUEL, convinced Jay to wear that ridiculous tie (for Bob!), wore a lei throughout all of church (yes, even while singing), taught Sunday school and actually felt good about how the class went, and spent my afternoon talking to adults. Isn't that lovely?

All I can say is that today, I am alive. This week, I am alive. I am trying to make some changes, to finally step up to the plate, to take some responsibility.

I am proud of myself for doing the following this week:

  • Signing up for classes at Sauk, and figuring out my goal to complete my associates
  • Writing a decent short story for the first time in several years
  • Having an open, honest, loving discussion about our relationship with Jay, and discussing the way our friendship has evolved into an incredibly close friendship. He's one of my best friends, and I'm one of his. This is lovely.
  • Being up front with Gail and talking to her about money for FUEL, and getting that taken care of
  • Taking the initiative to call PT and then get ahold of everyone and have a meeting and figure out what we need to do to get to FUEL
  • Singing the duet with Jay even though I was scared
  • Working a little overtime on Saturday because I needed the money and I wanted to step up a bit

Like I said, life is a beautiful thing. Just like John Mayer. I am well pleased. You have a beautiful day!

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