Sunday, June 1, 2008

Prequel to Summer

Favorite things of this very moment (3:18 pm CST):
  • Contacts
  • Eye liner/mascara
  • Sun tea
  • Books that make me think (ex: The Princess by Lori Wick)
  • The "Heartbreaker" cd by Ryan Adams
  • Boxes of bizzarity
  • Tall attractive men calling me in the middle of the night to make sure I know I am not forgotten and to be a wonderful listener
  • Paxton Laurent...that little one is my favorite
  • Having a due day (Jan. 30) to look forward to for my newest little niece/nephew (SWEETNESS!)
  • Blueberry scented bubbles
  • Bookshelves of books I still get to read
  • Kayla & Terrence's engagement

I have decided that this summer is not allowed to disappoint me. I refuse to be let down again. Yes, there will be times where I want to cry and scream and throw things (and I will throw things, it's just what I do), but over all, I refuse to believe that this summer could be anything less than extraordinary.

First, there's a baby blanket to make. A green one. Josh and Jenny are having their first little one. It's due on Jan. 30! Woohoo! I get to be an aunt, and I am excited. I'll be spoiling this little one. Oh yeah.

Second, Kayla and Terrence are now engaged. They got engaged last week at a Cubs game (the cubs Bonus). I am thrilled. Terrence is definitely the right man for her, and I know I won't have to worry about him taking care of her or her taking care of him. They're going to be happy, and life will be wonderful.

My summer is going to be full of bubble blowing (which is my plan for my evening), front porch talks, learning some guitar, ice tea, great books (I'll be re-reading the Twilight series very soon), lovely evening walks, star gazing, sidewalk chalk, visits from Nikky, FUEL, much talking to tall wonderful men (, flowers, bad dancing, singing loudly, and general good times.

Oh yes, it will be a good summer.

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