Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dreams of the Week

I've had the strangest dreams this week. 

One had the world's most forced and awkward kiss in it. A close friend and I decided we should kiss to see how it would feel. Reminded me of TJ & Spanelli on Recess trying kissing for the first time. One of those things where you wonder if it had to be like that or if it was just weird because you weren't sure how invested to be. 

I had one about this man:

Because apparently my brain thought it would be hilarious to remind me that I find him ridiculously attractive. In the dream we had somehow become tentative friends and were trying to get to know each other. We were ridiculously compatible because of our weirdly matching interests and passion for helping children. 

And then another dream about the same close friend. This time though it was like we'd finally figured this kissing thing out. We'd realized what we wanted and were going for it with everything we had. 

With dreams like these, who needs sanity, celebacy, and singleness? Eeeee. 

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