Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Average Girl, Attractive Guy & a Baby

Favorite things of this moment (2:38 PM EST):

  • The coffee/sugar/coconut milk combo I have in a giant QT glass that I've been drinking down all morning
  • Having gotten the most important check written today
  • Knowing there's a new laptop still at home awaiting my continued gradual transfer of music and files
  • Having both my checks deposited this morning (I can finally go buy a lamp and possibly something healthy for me to stash to snack on!)
  • Encouraging emails from Kimmie
  • The residual effects of a good dream last night
  • Agnes & the Hitman (I hope there's never a time when that book doesn't crack me up)
  • Finding articles like this one that help me remember what I'm trying to change
  • Knowing the Children of Change letter is getting out there to people (and that @CofChange is starting to slowly get a following and hopefully soon I won't be the only one looking at the tweets)
I've decided (not really) that I should write a sitcom based around an average looking girl and an attractive guy who are nannies for a semi-rich family.  It will follow them around on their chores and the different activities, and the girl will be attracted (duh) to the attractive guy because he's wonderful with the kid and straight and funny and understands the importance of using coupons.  As the show progresses the guy will realize he's attracted to the girl (though she's average in appearance) because she's great with the kid and funny and kind and bakes delicious pies and secretly writes a blog that she tries to keep from most people she knows.  The family they nanny for will actually be college friends who made good in the nerd-circuits of the world and run one of the Comic-Con-esque events and will both be kind and funny and observant enough to realize their brilliant plan to get their friends together is working, and that will be the basis of the show.  

It's brilliant.  Right?  I mean, I'd watch it. (And this show will have absolutely nothing to do with me having silly but wonderful dreams about babysitting for my nephew Ki with an incredibly attractive acquaintance of mine...)

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