Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let Go. Let Go. And Jump In.

"If you smash into something need to hold onto it until it's time to let it go." 
-Marcello, Under the Tuscan Sun

The past few days have made me question a lot of the things I took for granted in the relationships I have: friendships, the guy I'm in love with, my family, etc., etc.  It made me start reevaluating everything.

For instance, when the man you love decides he's going to marry someone else, you cry a lot, but then you recognize that you are honorable and courageous.  You start looking at your choices and realizing that you need to guard your heart a little better and that you won't get in the way of his new life.  Perhaps this does break your heart every day, and perhaps you find yourself perpetually confused trying to figure out what to do with yourself now.

Soon though you realize that you really are something beautiful.  Maybe you will have to remind yourself of that on a regular basis, but I will remember.

Maybe the key is in that quote.  Maybe I smashed into something truly amazing, and I stuck with him as long as time will allow...  Maybe it's time to let go.


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