Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Amazing Amy Cunningham

(The lovely Amy Cunningham attempting to eat one of the cream puffs from China Buffet even though Morgan had just made some pretty sketchy comments about their taste and condition. Forever the courageous one.)

The Traveling IL Summer Mix (Summer 2011):

  1. Blessings - Laura Story

  2. Wait and See - Brandon Heath

  3. Hands - The Almost

  4. Sing, Sing, Sing - Chris Tomlin

  5. This is Love - Aaron Winner

  6. Praise You in this Storm - Casting Crowns

  7. Alive Again - Matt Maher

  8. Washed by the Water - Needtobreathe

  9. Our Love is Loud - David Crowder Band

  10. Hello Hurricane - Switchfoot

  11. Hold Us Together - Matt Maher

  12. Love is Here - Tenth Avenue North

  13. Wait for the Morning - Aaron Winner

  14. God of this City - Chris Tomlin

  15. How Great - David Crowder Band

  16. YHWH Saves - Aaron Winner

  17. How He Loves - David Crowder Band

  18. Love Never Fails - Brandon Heath

This was the mix I made for Amy. I feel it was the soundtrack for our summer.

Tonight I went with Amy and my brother Joel to dinner at Taco Bell, a classy dinner to be sure, and it was a great pointless casual dinner. I enjoyed it a great deal and I think they both did as well. The thing about it though is that it was my last evening with Amy before she left. Sad days.

Amy and I really didn't know each other before this summer. We knew about each other and had met, but we weren't really friends. That all changed the night she decided to get in my car to go to Jay's and it would lead to a really hilarious road trip up to MN Camp and a lot of swapped stories about lives and loves and families and favorites.

You ever meet someone who you just feel at ease with? Someone who brings out the best in you? Amy is like that for me. She's one of those great people who sees the good in you and makes you better for it.

I'm glad I came home this summer. I think getting to know Amy was definitely one of the reasons God brought me home, and I am grateful for that.

Life is good. God is good. Thank goodness for hilarious summers and great friends like the amazing Amy Cunningham.

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becomingamy said...

You're precious. Thank you for this. I love you dearly, and I, too, am glad for this summer. I didn't intend to be in Illinois either, but God always knows way better than we do. He is so good.