Friday, June 24, 2011

Hidden Talents

I am unaware of your hidden talents. You are probably unaware of mine, so let's start talking.

I am good at writing names on pies using additional pastry, a Creator of nicknames, an excellent player of both ERS and the Room Service Game, an accomplished maker of friendship bracelets, my knees bend backwards, my paper snowflakes are a thing of wonder, my crocheting skills are a marvel. I am amazing at coming up with trashy romance novel titles and someday will probably have to write one. I am a great mix cd and pie maker, letter writer, namer of things that needs to be named, wedding box accomplice/maker, encourager, instigator of good things, a quick reader, mender and hemmer, proof reader, poet, crazy fast typist, seeker, and keeper of quotes. I am a bit of a DJ, an amateur photographer and water color painter, writer of short stories, blogger (obviously), good back rub giver, finder of recipes, pillow maker, list maker , pharmacy technician, camp counselor, Sunday School teacher, actress, storyteller, gardener, namer of people in movies/TV that are also in something else that no one else can remember, advice giver, honest person, and baker.

Yes, there is more, but I'll let you get back to your own secret, special, brilliant lives.

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