Thursday, June 23, 2011

For a Moment

Imagine for a moment that you have a deep knife wound or cut. It's not fatal, but it's very painful. It's been stitched up and it's healing slowly.

Imagine now that about the time it starts really healing that someone walks up and, without warning, rips the stitches out in one clean motion.

That...that's exactly what this is like.

Every time my heart begins to feel like the ache is slowly healing and easing away, like I'll get over you...that it won't break my heart that you're dating someone who cannot possibly want anything good or be after your good...

The stitches get ripped out again.

Heal me or leave me, baby. I'm tired of this wound and I'm tried of not being able to heal. And I hate having dreams that make me restless and more tired in the morning than I was when I finally got to sleep.

Take me and heal me or simply leave me. Get out of my dreams and thoughts and all of it. Or come and claim me completely.

The in between can't be healthy.

Save me or set me free.

Whatever the case, stop pulling my stitches out and leaving me open...

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