Saturday, May 29, 2010

I wonder how long I'll let song lyrics say all my words for me.
It's just something I think about
when they're echoing, echoing
in the hollows of my heart

And the sound bounces around
like driftwood in the waves
pounds in my ears
like those same waves on the rocks

Do I live?
Or am I dying?
Somedays I struggle
to see the difference

Sunlight bathes me in gold
Still something in me feels cold
Why can't I react?
Is my heart still intact?

Because you tell me you miss me
Since when is that so?
You take me by surprise
but what's the motivation?

Perhaps you've finally realized
that I am magic and light
trying to escape into a world
of moonlight

Or perhaps it's fear
Soon I'll be far from this place
Who will you love, or more importantly,
who will love you?

Because I'll be learning something new
Far from you
in a place you can't reach
Maybe I'll forget you

Maybe then I'll speak my own words
not just this beautiful, rhythmic code
that always keeps me safe
from how I feel for you

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