Friday, May 7, 2010

End of Week 1

There's a can of Vanilla Coke next to me, and all I can think is that life will be alright.

I just survived my first week of work. That's right, I have a new job. I work at a pharmacy-ish place. We fill orders for places like nursing homes and long-term care facilities. I actually don't handle any of that, what I do is type. Lots and lots of typing. Lists, spreadsheets, mailing labels, faxes, memos, cover letters. Pretty much, if it needs retyped...I do it.

They seem to really love me. I keep having people tell me I do a wonderful job and that they're glad I'm there. I hope that continues.

I enjoy the people I work with. They immediately adopted me. Everyone is really nice and they all like to talk to each other all the time. There's a pair of ladies that remind me a lot of Nikky and I because they're hilarious and you can tell they're best friends. They just crack me up. The really great thing about the pharmacy? Kayla works there too. I get to see her for at least a couple of minutes 3 days a week, and that's nice. It's always good to have a few minutes to see people you love.

What I'm not sure of though is whether or not I'll screw up my time card. I've dealt with time clocks before and that doesn't bother me, but I'm worried I'll forget to enter my time at some point. I mean, most of the time I cut my breaks short because that's the kind of person I am, but still...

Whatever the case, I'm sure this job will be fine. It will get me heading back to ABC. Oh yes. And that is something worth working for.

In the meantime, I'm going to drink my Vanilla Coke and listen to Top Christian Radio on AOL Radio because Mom left it up at Dynamic (which is where I will be spending the next couple hours because I came straight here from the pharmacy), and they've been playing some really amazing stuff. I forget that so much of it can truly be amazing and worth listening to because our local Christian station is ultra-cheesy and I can't stand it. Christian music should be incredible and full of truth and meaning and passion, not just some cheesy clapping tune, but that's another story.

Life is good. God is good. I have a job. Now, we just need to find one for Nikky and one for Heather.

You are love, you know.


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