Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Favorite things of this very moment (4:23 pm CST):

  • White Citrus hand lotion from Bath & Body Works (thanks Nikky!)
  • G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" album
  • Catching up with Dustin and Jordan
  • Poetry
  • Purple tulips (the above picture is of the tulips that are currently sitting on our dining room table, aren't they lovely?)
  • And the following quote: "I know I may never see you again, but we are intrepid. We carry on." - Kirsten Dunst, "Elizabethtown"

Today has been quiet. I've done virtually nothing outside of dishes and baking gingerbread cookies. I mean, nothing that my family will see as helpful. I've also written a bunch of letters and made copies of some poems for a friend, and I took a bunch of pictures. It hasn't been a bad day, just a day.

I realized today that I really am not much of a match for my tall friend. Honestly, I'd make him so miserable if we ever dated. I see things so differently from his own vision, but I am glad that he isn't totally upset with me. He's taking my advice seriously, and I really hope that things work out for the best for him. Good men are hard to find.

And now, a poem by the impossibly talented and legendary, Jacob Zuniga:

Half Heart

We’re all born with half a heart
Half a mind and half a soul
Given the gift of everlasting eternity
With that special person
All our lives we search
A voyage, a quest
A journey to find true love
So very much that it is lost
Amidst other ideas and hopes
We forget to search
Forget to look for love
And we spend eternity lonely
And we never see we are only half a person
I will not stop, I will not wait
My search for love goes on
For in my mind lies half a soul
That yearns for a companion
And I will not meet death’s icy grip
With half a broken heart.

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