Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All that You Never See

I'm not seeing the point anymore
I let you go
You call my name and question my next move
but I'm turning away and heading home
It's almost as if all the color is running out
of the painting of my life
and there's nothing left to do
How can I stop it?

I tell you the truth
and you call me guilty
Maybe I am
The gossip floats past me too
I probably encouraged it
All I want is for you to show your hand
I can't wait in the dark while you create your strategy

Do you want her?
Don't you?
I just feel like the coward in us
shows far more quickly than it should
And though you're not the only cowardly lion in this room
You're the only one the spotlight turns too

I'm walking off this stage
The curtain won't come down though
because this play is never done
You'll never know I'm gone
because I was always just a bit part in your play
A secondary character that makes their exit
at the end of the second act
and never looks back

You won't miss my voice in a week or two
there's always some new distraction
far, far prettier than me
Her long blond hair will be found on your coat
and you'll write your songs about her

And I'll try not to feel guilty
because you always make me feel like I'm in the wrong
but all I ever wanted was to keep your heart from breaking
because mine's broken enough for two

But you never saw me like I saw you

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