Friday, July 15, 2016

Change Again

Today was my first day back after being in Ohio for a little more than a week.  Part of me is surprised I made it back.  My mom told me she honestly thought I'd come home, turn in my 2 weeks notice, pack up and leave.  Leaving my godsons, my best friend, my sister and my niece...those were some of the hardest things ever.

My life is about to change again.  I'm a little terrified beyond all reason, but I think it's time I take a step out of the dang boat and let God catch me if I start sinking.  I feel a little like a shark.  If I don't keep moving, I'm gonna die.  I'll just wither, and I'm already starting to feel pruny.

So here's to 2nd or 17th or whatever chances.  To moving on and forward and facing fear as best I can and trying to lean hard into God and trust that this will work out somehow.


Now, on an unrelated note, a list of my favorite things of this very moment (9:28 CST):

  • Ghostbusters (the original, but I'm looking forward to seeing the new one quite soon)
  • Finding out that I actually get Sunday off, so I'll get to be in church!  Woo!
  • Going through pictures from my trip and looking at my munchkins
  • Mulligan insisting that she be wherever I am every moment since I've gotten home from work
  • Moments where I think I might just figure out some kind of flirting after all (ha)
  • Putting my order in for 2 t-shirts my brother created!
  • Actually being tired and potentially being able to go to sleep here very soon

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