Sunday, November 22, 2015

Suck It

Nothing quite so glorious as being proven right when it feels like hell. 

Disappointment is so bitter, but here I am sipping a glass again. 

Sometimes I can't decide if I have the gift of being a pushover or if I have a sign on me that says "good sidekick/buddy potential" or what, but it can stop. 

Hey! Hey! HELLO! EARTH TO YOU GENIUS! I'm a worthy priority! I'm not a sidebar character to your story! I'm a human being and a woman who is worth being important. If you can't see that you sir are an idiot. 

I thought maybe you actually wanted me, but now I realize I was just an extra in your production that was easy to forget. 

You've got so much potential...don't waste it. I wish you luck because I'm not gonna wait around for you to grow up. I've got better things to do and people who actually care that I exist every day not just when they can pencil me in. 

See ya. 

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