Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sitting on my couch reading, I'd put in an old Christmas mix. A cheerful seasonal peace descended. 

But then a forgotten tune began to play. An old friend who use to take the time to record his own versions of beloved Christmas carols. His voice echoing out of the speakers threw me off balance. Though it's only a few years past, thousands of miles and several moves and a million little changes (and several HUGE ones) have helped to create a large space between us. 

This is a part of growing up that breaks my heart. The losing part. Sometimes you have a best friend that you adore and who you can't imagine life without only to wake up one day and realize a moat was put between you while you slept. One where you can see your friend, you can wave, and you can yell greetings or vague statements but you'll never be able to share secrets again. 

The moat turns to ocean, but some nights you can lay on the shore and hear an old beloved song floating on the water...

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