Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This is the New Year, a New Beginning

I have given quite a bit of thought to New Year's Resolutions in the past week or so, and I have realized, once again, that I have much I still want to accomplish or enjoy.  As a result, I have come up with a new list of changes/new trials/ideas that I will be trying to implement this year.

For the Coming Year (in no particular order):

  • I will cut back on impulse buying.  I still have some medical bills to pay off, a move to consider, a new job to find, and a bigger life to start living.
  • I will try to cook more.  I do quite a bit of baking already, but I was given a pair of excellent cookbooks by my brother, David and his fantastic girlfriend, Kelsey for Christmas, and I'd like to actually make myself real meals.  I know this would be cheaper and healthier for me as well.  It's worth a try.
  • I will save money out of every paycheck.  I've been terrible about preparing for my future/saving, and it's time to really get that underway.  If I could get this going, I would actually have money put aside when the next storm comes.
  • I will try to lose 2 lbs or more each month of the coming year.  It may not sound like much, but it would be a lot easier to see to the end of that goal each month than to set a huge and crazy goal.  This I can do.
  • I will try and get the children's book I wrote this past year published.  And then I will write another.
  • I will pay off all the medical bills I have accrued this past year, and the few I will have before the end of January.  This is doable.  I just have to plan it out and make it happen.
  • I will start paying my father back.  I owe him money from when I was putting myself through school and had some insane car problems.  My goal for this over all is to pay him back completely by the time I am 30.  It's a few years away yet, I know I can make this happen.
  • I will practice the ukulele. I was given one for Christmas this year which is a life-long dream come true, and so I am determined that I truly will learn to play.
  • I will try harder to get along with my body. I have put my body through a lot this year, and it's done the same.  I would very much like for us to be on the same page and getting along finally.  I think after all these years, we both deserve a little compassion and to be better taken care of.
  • I will practice Radical Honesty on a more regular-esque basis.
  • I will give more toasts.  Because I can.
  • Do something nice for someone else every day.
These goals will not be very easy for me, but I do believe I can make them happen.  I also believe they will allow me to be a healthier, happier person in this new year.  I'd like to have a go at a better life.

I suppose I should also update my bucket list, so here goes:
  1. Love and be loved by a good man.
  2. Finish reading all partially read books.
  3. Send someone a telegram via telegramstop.com
  4. Give more away.
  5. Visit the ocean.
  6. Make Eric Callaway his long ago promised Green blanket.
  7. Write a long letter to the pope.
  8. Buy a sarong.
  9. Figure out what to do with the video camera.
  10. Pay back my father.
  11. Write my own obituary.
  12. Wine and dine someone who deserves it.
  13. Have a completed emergency fund.
  14. Watch all of my RiffTrax at least once.
  15. Become financially independent.
  16. Learn to make hats.
  17. Be me. And love being me.

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hnh said...

You've got all of these. And I will be there to encourage you through it all.