Sunday, November 6, 2011

On the Loss of Five Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes

Sometimes at night
I still wonder
Why couldn't this have worked?

And then I remember
all the little failures
And I am glad

There have been
many names
many faces

But they
are not

And the ache that resounds
so deep in my soul

When reminded,
I remember nothing fills it
but You, Lord.

Sure, there are times,
and places
and seasons

it is not

When I stop trying to fill
my heart with things
and people who will never satisfy

and start remembering
You, Lord, only You
can ever fill in

these cracks
and breaks
and old wounds.

Only you
can heal a heart,
can heal a soul.

Then I will see
that the loss of so much,
the loss

of five heart-shaped ice cubes...
though sad,
was never meant to be the end

or anything too great
to be born
but instead

it was just
a new

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