Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Items purchased this morning before 10am CST:
  • 2 Viva2 Tires to replace my constantly leaking front tires (when you have to put air in your tires several times a week, if not more, this is when you know you must get new tires, even if the price makes you cringe and want to cry)
  • 1 tube Burt's Bees chapstick to replace the almost empty tube now residing in my pocket
  • 1 container Burt's Bees Hand Salve to put in my purse because my hands are distrubingly busted up right now and they need some help
  • 2 undisclosable (is that a proper word?) items because they made me smile and I think they'll make my dear best friend smile too
  • 1 package of red socks (5 pairs) for the Christmas gift thing at church (they're given to people at a home in Oregon, I love being able to do something, even if it is small)
  • 1 pair ultra soft red socks (the woman wanted red socks, and I wanted to cover ALL my bases)
  • 1 pair red & green Christmas penguin socks (oh yes! And these are also for the nice lady who wanted red socks)
  • 1 pair man's winter gloves (for the nice gentleman at the church who needed them) which are super soft and should be super warm
  • 2 bottles sparkling juices because they were on sale, you can never have too many, and because this is the Christmas season and there is always a reason to celebrate
  • 1 pair flannel sheets which are white with multi-colored snowflakes on them because I finally had to toss my flannel sheets last year when they developed a hole (I think it may have started when I accidently clipped them with scissors, at least that's what I'm guessing created the hole, knowing me)

Yes. And now, I will be done doing any real purchases for awhile. My money will mainly go into paying for gas in my car, contacts, and car payments until I find a new job. I'm praying that tomorrow I will run across several places that desperately want to hire a 23-year-old girl with only her associates degree and some odd ball skills to back her up. That and her ever so charming personality combined with her excellent work ethic and integrity. Let us hope.

I guess what this comes down to is a hope that you will keep me in your prayers and that nothing else will go wrong with my car. Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration is the most frustrating vehicle I have encountered maybe ever (outside of David's cars which up until his purchase of his new-ish Camry have been even more questionable than mine).

With that being said, I guess I should go wrap some Christmas present and get the last of my pre-work stuff done. May you have a wonderful day full of joy, sunshine, laughter, and absolutely free of car issues.

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