Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Try a Little Tenderness

Favorite Things of this Very Moment (12:55 pm CST):
  • http://herumwandern.wordpress.com/category/rambling/ (Jordan's new blog)
  • Having written a nice thank you to Kim at the coffee shop for being so kind
  • The golden autumn sunshine
  • Knowing that even though I'm going to walk to work, I won't have to walk home in the dark
  • That I haven't had to blow my nose much at all this morning
  • iTunes
  • Soundtracks from Wes Anderson movies
  • The sound of the heater coming on

Well, my angry young friend and I have restored our relationship. I'm not use to people like him, so it's going to be a challenge for me as we go along. On the upside, I think our relationship will grow and we will probably be good friends for many years.

Today I realized I'm rather envious of him in some ways. He's very bold in his faith. He doesn't show any doubt or cynicism. He doesn't hide what he is in any way. He believes what he believes and that's all there is to it.

How does he do that?

I'm not saying that I go around pretending that I'm not a Christian. I've just always been shy. I'm not good about saying anything contradictory. If you abuse the people I love, I will stand up for them. If you trash my beliefs or call me crazy, I won't run. I'll fight for my beliefs when they're threatened, but...

I'm just not very good about speaking up on a day to day basis when I'm not directly asked. This probably needs to change.

On the other hand, he's gotta learn some things too. In his case, he's gotta learn to use tenderness when he speaks to the woman he loves. He's only 19, and he's got time and room to grow. I have faith in his ability to be a real man of her dreams kinda guy, but he's still got a distance to cover before he finds he's there. He keeps upsetting the girl he loves because he's a great deal too blunt about things. He needs to remember she's a woman. She needs to be handled with care. Allowed the freedom to roam and have the feelings she has without him telling her differently. More love in his actions and in definitely in his words.

Like I said, he's got quite a distance to go, but I think that, given the proper encouragement, he'll figure it out.

In the meantime, I'm going to work on using a bit more tact and sweetness when I speak to him and to the other men in my life. We'll see where it gets me.

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An increasingly less angry young friend said...

Jaymin, you're a sweetheart.

I'm certain in my beliefs because I've gone through long, long periods of doubt, cynicism, and near-disbelief. That's all there is to it, really. I believe because I know that there is no other way.

The same goes for why I'm so outspoken about my beliefs. If it's the truth, then it's worth sharing with all around me.

God only allows pain so that we may be built back stronger and better than before. Things will improve, if only I will let Him build.

May God bless you for your honesty.