Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow Light

I just don't want to fall into an old pattern.

I am a large and glorious glass of sun tea and ice while you sit on the porch at sunset. I am Pablo Neruda's poetry filled with passion, blood, and light. I am a room lit with candles and the amber glow of lamps not florescent. I am your favorite jeans that always make you look good and feel so comfortable.

But am I seen like that?

Let it cool or let it burn. It makes no difference to me anymore.

Am I strong enough?

Where do people find the strength to change their lives? Where do I find mine?

ps. Yellow Light mix:
1. Change Your Mind - The Killers
2. Arch Drive Goodbye - Eve6
3. Bad News - Kanye West
4. Walk on By - Seal (this is the acoustic version of the song)
5. Messenger Bird Song - Bright Eyes
6. Sweetly Broken - Jeremy Riddle (Thank you, Nathan)
7. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & White
8. Uncomfortably Slow - Newton Faulkner (I'm really falling in love with this man's beautiful songs)
9. Apologize - OneRepublic
10. Free Fallin' - John Mayer (he's wonderful, and does a great job with this cover)
11. I'll Be OK - Sondre Lerche
12. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Beck (Amber's favorite)
13. Better that We Break - Maroon 5
14. Somebody to Love - Queen (seriously.)
15. Here Comes the... - Butch Walker feat. Pink
16. If I am a Stranger - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals (this song amazes me)
17. I Need Words - David Crowder
18. Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell (because you need to end with hope. always.)

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