Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the New World She Said to Me

Favorite things of this very moment (2:08 am CST):
  • Baby carrots
  • Red Bull
  • Northern Exposure (I've really fallen in love with this show)
  • Dakota (she's such a good dog)
  • Kizi, Mister Trogdor, and Jovi (the wonderful cats)
  • My cell
  • Not feeling terrified of being in this huge house alone anymore (having 4 animals running around and all the fish really does help a lot, that and having the TV on most of the time)
  • Christmas lights
  • My soft fuzzy, excessively colored socks (they look like something out of the Dr. Suess books: who-socks)
  • John Corbett (good grief...he's freaking*sigh*)
Happy New Year!

I'm having trouble comprehending the fact that it's already 2009, and has been for 2 hours for me. How do the years fly so quickly by? Especially when it feels like they take forever when you're actually going through them? I will never understand that. Time is a crazy thing.

I don't necessarily have any real set New Year's Resolutions this year. I'd like to lose weight, but I'm not going to say that's a New Year's resolution. That's just a fact. On the other hand, I will be trying to say yes more often. I started reading Danny Wallace's book Yes Man the other night, and he has a good point, you miss out on so many things when you say no. I realize that's super obvious, but how often do you think about that?

A friend of my recently reminded me that most people don't regret the things they've done as much as the opportunities they never took. I believe that taking risks is a integral part of actually finding joy in life. This next year, I will say yes more often.

May 2009 be a better year for you and me both.

With much love,

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