Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Shuffling And/Or Whimpering. Ever.

Favorite things of this very moment (10:36 am CST):

  • Tyler Hilton
  • Lunch invites from Dan (and Heather comes too!)
  • Seriously horrible dancing interrupted when the person you're calling actually answers and you can't stop giggling for a full minute before you can actually talk to them...
  • Good emails
  • Pumpkin Spice mixed French Vanilla cappuccino.
  • Sunshine

Today will be a good day. I can feel it in every breath I take.

There's something about autumn sunshine that breaks my heart and makes me new all at the same time. Like is shines through all the broken bits of a heart and makes it heal a bit faster. Almost like it's an adhesive of some kind bring it all back together.

Lately everything has been aching and hard to take. I was warned that relationships were hard from the very beginning. Especially when you're not actually with the person you adore, but instead find yourself in the position of their most trusted/beloved friend. Keepers of secrets and holder of their faith. Finding it hard to find balance between the best friend and all the desires of your heart.

My mom says that it's because I'm just like she was. Let's hope so. Her story ended well. Mine will too, however that works.

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