Friday, May 6, 2016

Water, Water, Water, Sleep

I really use to believe that late nights were a great thing for me. I use to do my best writing on nights like these, and the promise of being the only one awake is priceless. 

The problem is simple: I can't think straight anymore. This late at night my mind likes to take the quiet and stillness and destroy it with reminders of mistakes, frustratingly inappropriate longings that can't be fulfilled, and loneliness. 

I know I should be wrapping myself in God and his ability to save, but I always feel like there's something more important for God to take care of instead of me. Even though I know God can handle this (and infinitely more), it still feels weird to ask for him to shore me up when I know better than to fall into these same patterns. 

I need to sleep. 

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