Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Thoughts

Lately everything has seemed, and felt, world-ending awful. It's stupid and childish, but I've been exhausted and heartbroken and confused and afraid. So very afraid. As a result I've been forgetting the good, so I decided I need to think some happy thoughts. So here goes (in no particular order).

1. (Especially tonight) Baseball movies. It's freezing here in northern Illinois, but it's nothing a beer and Bull Durham can't cheer back up. 
2. (This totally led right to this:) That baseball season is in sight. Thank you, God. I need the baseball season as much as I need sunshine and stars. 
3. Phone calls with Nikky and Kyle. They lead to weird honesty, gales of laughter, and better perspectives (or at least different which I need sometimes). Plus I get to hear about their lives and their kids and families. All things I miss and need. 
4. Frozen blueberries. Smoothies, my people. They are glorious. 
5. Friends that text back, pray for you, make you laugh so hard you cry, give you books, and let you be honest. 
6. The last segment on NBC news at night that's dedicated to something cheerful and kind. 
7. That we all deserve to wear white. (For further explanation see #1 and watch Bull Durham.)
8. Knowing I need to go back to school. It just needs to happen. (Though that's one of the many things I'm also terrified of.)
9. Virtually anything Jennifer Crusie writes. Really. 
10. Tom Hiddleston. Because he's a great man from the inside out. He gives me hope for finding men who are not just kind or smart or funny or knowledgeable about Shakespeare, but all of that. Plus he's genuinely good to his fans, and big on using his celebrity to care for others. He just gives me hope. 

These are the things that are lighting me up. Life really isn't all bad. There's lots of good left when I remember to see it. I hope you can too. 

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