Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Brain,

Shut up. No really. 

Stop telling me how lonely we are. Stop telling me that "no really, you can eat that. No big deal." Stop telling me to want people that are too young for me or unavailable. Stop telling me that I'm not pretty or worthy or interesting or worth pursuing. Stop telling me I need to change and then decide I don't or that it's not with trying. Stop telling me this is hopeless. Stop telling me no one will ever love me -- want me. Stop missing people who we can't have and that never loved us and stop pointing out why I was delusional for hoping they would want me. Stop raking through the past like you're looking for clues. 

Move on. 


1 comment:

hnh said...

Oh my dear,

You know all too well how much I agree with you. And while I have no idea how to silence our ridiculous brains, I do know that it gets better. Keep your chin up!