Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every Girl Wants to be the Exception

(Trust me...every girl really does want to be the exception.)

Favorite things of this very moment (12:22 am EST):

  • "One Night with the King" (God bless NetFlix)

  • Knowing I have mail from Jay on the way

  • Unsweetened ice tea

  • Esther. For such a time as this.

Tonight I am working on maintaining some kind of sanity. I, as always, do not know what the future holds. God only knows what is going to happen next, but I am excited.

My goal for the summer is to love and be loved.

This summer it looks like I will be heading home. I had intended to stay in McDonough over the summer because I hate moving and I did not want to be a burden to my family at home, but it seems God has other plans. As always, God has other plans.

I am okay with this.

I, as I said, do not know what I am being led into, but I do know that I am going to walk headfirst into the dark and be okay with it. This is faith.

The other night, Amber was reading something for a paper she was working on about love in the New Testament, and she said that "patience is love waiting." I wish I knew who said that, but sadly I do not, but they are correct. Patience is love waiting. Love waiting.

I hate waiting, but even so I want to be love. I want to practice love. I will work harder to embrace that patience. I will practice love waiting.

I will be myself. And I will be the exception. Each and every day.

One of these days I will be recognized for this exact thing. As the exception. After all, every girl wants to be the exception.

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